TV Derivation

So a good 17 years after Guy Ritchie’s influential crime caper, Snatch, took to cinemas it appears to be being reimagined for the smaller screen. The streaming-service boom has seen the viewership and quality of TV shows grow exponentially and forced other networks such as HBO up their game considerably. But do we really want... Continue Reading →


Album of the Year (10-1)

Picking a top 10 in a year as rich in musical talent as 2016 is a pretty thankless task. In the end I found myself with a interesting mix of legendary artists, upcoming talents and innovative greats. Thank you for following the list and here are my personal ten favourite albums of the last year. The first of... Continue Reading →

Album of the Year (20-11)

As we come to the penultimate instalment of my 'Album of 2016' countdown, I thought I ought to take the opportunity to address some of the albums that didn't quite make it onto the list, for a number of reasons. Firstly, although I do have a lot of free time as a student, I can't listen... Continue Reading →

Album of the Year (30-21)

As we grow closer to the business end of the list, ordering the albums becomes a more difficult task, with many edits and reshuffles taking place minutes before publishing (also causing me to be a day late). Eventually though, I feel that I've settled upon an order that best reflects my thoughts on the albums that... Continue Reading →

Album of the Year (40-31)

Part 2 of my slightly self-indulgent Album of the Year countdown. Texan post-rockers Explosions in the Sky have been producing their elaborate and expansive soundscapes for over 16 years, however The Wilderness stands out as possibly their best work. Opening with the stuttering synths of ‘Wilderness’, Explosions in the Sky do what they do best... Continue Reading →

Album of the Year (50-41)

It's fair to say I've somewhat neglected my blog for the past year, so over the Christmas holiday and seeing as 2016 has now come to an end I thought that I ought to reflect on the previous year's musical output and put together a list of my own personal top 50 albums of the year... Continue Reading →

Spectre Review: Bond is Back

This week saw the return of the British Film Industry's greatest export, the James Bond franchise, with Daniel Craig again picking up the mantle for his fourth stint as the 00 agent. This time, Spectre see's Bond going rogue and matching up against the mysterious Spectre organisation, headed by Christoph Waltz's Franz Oberhauser. Carrying on... Continue Reading →

Bestival: The Weird and Wonderful World

This summer I got the amazing opportunity to experience one of the nation's fastest growing festivals, Bestival! The traditional shindig that closes the enormous British Summer festival season, as curated by ex- Radio1 DJ Rob Da Bank. Through a friend, who works as the Head of Music at Southampton University Radio station (Surge), I was... Continue Reading →

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