Album of the Year (50-41)

It's fair to say I've somewhat neglected my blog for the past year, so over the Christmas holiday and seeing as 2016 has now come to an end I thought that I ought to reflect on the previous year's musical output and put together a list of┬ámy own personal top 50 albums of the year... Continue Reading →

Spectre Review: Bond is Back

This week saw the return of the British Film Industry's greatest export, the James Bond franchise, with Daniel Craig again picking up the mantle for his fourth stint as the 00 agent. This time, Spectre see's Bond going rogue and matching up against the mysterious Spectre organisation, headed by Christoph Waltz's Franz Oberhauser. Carrying on... Continue Reading →

Bestival: The Weird and Wonderful World

This summer I got the amazing opportunity to experience one of the nation's fastest growing festivals, Bestival! The traditional shindig that closes the enormous British Summer festival season, as curated by ex- Radio1 DJ Rob Da Bank. Through a friend, who works as the Head of Music at Southampton University Radio station (Surge), I was... Continue Reading →

7 Acts to See at Bestival

Tomorrow will see the festivities begin at the festival season's last shindig, with the Rob Da Bank curated arts festival that is Bestival. A festival that is all about experiencing the weird and wonderful, with a lineup of truly eclectic acts, taking place at the Isle of Wight's Robin Hill Country. This will be my... Continue Reading →

13 Artists to See at Latitude…

Tomorrow, thousands of music lovers (including myself) will head out to Suffolk in their droves for the start of the ever popular Latitude Festival, which this year celebrates its 10th Birthday. Having only ever been to Reading (of which I have attended on three different occasions), I'm eagerly awaiting a new festival experience with a... Continue Reading →

8 of the WORST Glastonbury Clashes…

By now the majority of punters have made their way to the hallowed grounds of Glastonbury Festival and are probably taking in some of the festival's clubbing experiences such as Shangri-La, Block 9 or Arcadia or even just soaking in the atmosphere. They may even have taken in some of the secret shows, with the... Continue Reading →

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