TV Derivation

So a good 17 years after Guy Ritchie’s influential crime caper, Snatch, took to cinemas it appears to be being reimagined for the smaller screen. The streaming-service boom has seen the viewership and quality of TV shows grow exponentially and forced other networks such as HBO up their game considerably. But do we really want... Continue Reading →


Spectre Review: Bond is Back

This week saw the return of the British Film Industry's greatest export, the James Bond franchise, with Daniel Craig again picking up the mantle for his fourth stint as the 00 agent. This time, Spectre see's Bond going rogue and matching up against the mysterious Spectre organisation, headed by Christoph Waltz's Franz Oberhauser. Carrying on... Continue Reading →

Oscars Nominations: Shocks and Surprises….

Today saw the announcement of the nominations for Hollywood's most coveted prizes, the Academy Awards, as per usual supplying us with shocks and inclusions many did not see coming!! The major shock being the late emergence of American Sniper of which didn't receive a great deal of nominations in the Baftas or Golden Globes, which managed... Continue Reading →

5 Things to Look Forward to in Film in 2015…

The Oscars - Possibly the biggest event in the film calendar returns again in February of 2015, with most (not all, many will be unjustly snubbed) of the best films of 2014 battling out for the biggest prize the industry has to offer. Richard Linklater's coming-of-age drama Boyhood looks the favourite to win best picture, with Michael... Continue Reading →

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