Five Reasons why Oasis Should and Should NOT Reunite…

Yet again the rumour mill is spreading the word of a possible reunion of the Gallagher brothers following social media outbursts and many interviews given by Liam and Noel. Almost every year the band is linked with the headlining slot at Glastonbury Festival and it appears that there is huge demand from many music fans, especially after the demise of Liam’s band Beady Eye last year! Only today there have been reports of a potential reunion of the band without principal member and lead songwriter Noel… Possibly the biggest act in recent British Music history an Oasis reunion would be met with enthusiastic anticipation from their legions of adoring fans, but how good would it really be? Here are my five reasons as to why Oasis should and should not reunite!


  1. It would make for some of the biggest live shows in recent memory. Just imagine a weekend residency at a venue like Wembley Stadium, Knebworth or most likely at Heaton Park in their hometown of Manchester. Tickets would be like gold dust as one of the nation’s most cherished bands would play their first live show for 6 years. Just think of the singalong for Wonderwall or Don’t Look Back in Anger or one of their many other hits!!!
  2. It would see the reunion of two of the biggest music icons in the country and some of the most colourful characters of British music. You can’t deny the Gallagher brothers are two of the last in a dying breed of rockstars! They speak their mind and would almost definitely result in some of the most memorable quotes of the year!
  3. Maybe if all goes well would could be in for a new Oasis album, maybe after both Liam and Noel went off to do their own things they could come back and be more creative than ever but of course with the odd anthem thrown in!
  4. A major role that a potential Oasis reunion could have would be influencing new rock bands to come through at a time when they need influencing most. With the rise of EDM and over-produced pop watching or listening to one of the greats like Oasis could cause a whole new spate of indie rock bands to come through!
  5. It would well and truly be one last opportunity to see one of music’s greats before they finish up, true heroes of the 90s Cool Britannia, if they can replicate anything close to what Blur have been doing recently it could on be a huge success!

Should NOT… 

  1. Lets be honest though, as much as we all want it to happen, it would only ever be just for money for the Gallagher brothers. An possible tour would almost definitely sell out and earn the brothers millions of pounds each! Does set a good example for the artistry behind music if they’re in it for the money alone…
  2. If Liam Gallagher’s twitter account has taught us anything (other than the fact he has a passion for Manchester City football club) is that the Gallagher brothers clearly don’t like each other still. Only last week Liam was criticising Noel’s new album of trying to sound like Pink Floyd because of his use of saxophones. Will they ever get along?
  3. One major factor for me as a reason as to why maybe they shouldn’t come back is that reuniting bands take the limelight from other breakthrough acts. Year upon year we see bands come backing to milk their old hits and make some easy cash off of their diehard fan bases, you only have to look at some of the festival headliners of recent years. We’ve had The Rolling Stones play Glastonbury, The Stone Roses reunion tours, The Police play Hyde Park and Black Sabbath play Download, all of which have crowded out other potential headliners which has proved damaging for the current state of guitar music.
  4. Another possibility is that it might not be the same. The band has all aged considerably since their 90s heyday and have been sitting comfortably in their mansions, will they still be able to reflect that laddish working class charm that made them so popular?
  5. Given their track record, it probably would end in tears! Whether its not showing up to a huge show, falling out on stage, a twitter argument or some over controversial disagreement, given the mercurial nature of the two brothers its almost inevitable that sparks will fly and fans will be probably be disappointed!

This is only speculation, who knows how a potential Oasis reunion would pan out, or if it will even happen!? Only time will tell!


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