Still Waiting: the Debut Albums yet to be Released…

2014 saw the release of some amazing debut albums from a wide range of emerging artists, the likes of Royal Blood, Jungle, The Family Rain and Superfood come to mind. However there were a number of the Class of 2014 that are yet to release their much anticipated albums and of which I personally look forward to seeing in 2014…

Darlia – Petals

Darlia were one of the stand out acts on the festival circuit in 2014, picking up a hardcore following thanks to the success of their debut single Queen of Hearts and the support of music magazines (NME, DIY etc.) and receiving airplay on XFM (as well as being a part of their Great Xpectations list). Their blend of indie grunge sees the band form a unique sound and something quite retro and contrasting of the current face of Indie music and their quiet-loud dynamics being reminiscent of Nirvana (Nathan Day’s wail is also being compared to that of Kurt Cobain by critics, if thats even allowed…). Follow up singles Candyman, Dear Diary and Stars are Alligned have offered a wide variety of styles and further hint towards a very interesting release in 2015! Darlia are a band that could definitely aid the current ‘Rock Revival’ in the UK led by bands such as Royal Blood and Drenge that are slowly bringing the genre of Rock music back to a wider audience…

Circa Waves – Young Chasers

Like Darlia, Circa Waves picked up huge momentum in 2014 with the release of a number of successful singles receiving airplay on both BBC Radio1 and XFM, including the likes of the soon to be title track off their new album Young Chasers and Stuck In My Teeth. With upbeat indie belters ridden with pop hooks, it seems like a dead cert that this is a band that will appeal to mass audiences when they get their big break. The Liverpool boys took in almost festival in the UK in 2014 and have faced comparisons with some of the cream of indie crop like The Strokes, The Vaccines and The Libertines. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from them in the upcoming year!

Courtney Barnett – TBC

Aussie slacker Courtney Barnett is another of the most promising acts to emerge from 2014, and despite releasing a double EP last year, A Sea of Split Peas (kind of an album), she still has not put out a debut album. Barnett’s relentless touring around the world (her notable performance in the UK being at Glastonbury festival) has allowed  her built up a huge array of fans including the likes of Rolling Stone magazine and The New York Times. Jamie T also cites her as an inspiration for his 2014 release Carry on the Grudge, demonstrating the effect that she has had on indie culture in 2014… Her way with words is hugely impressive, with a deadpan sense of humour and a keen eye for social observation, her lyrics are relatable and full of references to pop culture. As well as writing her own music, she further demonstrated her musical ability with a cover of The Lemonheads’ Being Around, which was one of my favourite songs of 2014! A true talent and destined for big things…

Radkey – TBC

This is a band, consisting of three home-schooled brothers from Missouri, who’s debut album I am eagerly anticipating! With a pulsating brand of punk rock inspired from some of the greats (they state influences such as The Ramones, The Who and The Misfits), this band destined for big things. Only playing a few UK shows in 2014 (Download Festival being one of the most notable appearances), they have treated audiences with a selection of fast tempo, guitar shredding songs perfectly designed to jump around to in sweaty mosh pits, tracks such as Cat and MouseStart Freaking Out and Romance Dawn particularly stand out to me. Critics hotly tipped them throughout 2014 as something to look out for and I’m sure that their, yet untitled, debut album will be one of 2015’s success stories…

Wolf Alice – TBC

This North London four-piece spent the majority of 2014 releasing some of the year’s best EPs as well as taking in some of the UK’s best music festivals (Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds included). With a sound that meshes together genres as far reaching as grunge, folk and indie, Wolf Alice are pretty unique and hyped by most bloggers and music critics alike as being the ‘next big thing’! An integral part of the band’s sound comes in the form of Ellie Rowsell’s vocals, which gives the band an emotional depth that wouldn’t be possible if they were just another male led band. The grunge influence can especially is most prominent in the true explosiveness of the choruses in songs such as She and Moaning Lisa Smile. One aspect I really like about this act is the way that they can switch between upbeat heavier tracks such as Fluffy with jagged guitars and Roswell’s howling vocals to the likes of the slow-burning emotional Blush. Wolf Alice were one of my favourite acts to emerge from the so called Class of 2014 and I’m sure big things are still to come when they finally get round to releasing their debut album…


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