5 Things to Look Forward to in Film in 2015…

The Oscars – Possibly the biggest event in the film calendar returns again in February of 2015, with most (not all, many will be unjustly snubbed) of the best films of 2014 battling out for the biggest prize the industry has to offer. Richard Linklater’s coming-of-age drama Boyhood looks the favourite to win best picture, with Michael Keaton leading the charge for the Best Actor Oscar with his critically acclaimed turn in the black comedy Birdman. Part of the fun with the Oscars is predicting the outcomes of the different awards, however every year there always seems to be that one film that got away with far less nominations (if any) than deserved (most recently Drive and Inside Llewyn Davis), hopefully this year Nightcrawler won’t suffer a similar fate…

Inside Out – 2015 also brings the latest offering from everyone’s favourite animation studio, Pixar. Based on the early trailer released last year it looks to be a definite highlight of 2015, with an imaginative premise set exploring the five emotions (anger, joy, disgust, fear and sadness) in the head of a young girl and how they guide her through life. From the director of both Monsters Inc. and Up, Inside Out looks to meet the very high standard set by the rest of the Pixar back catalogue.

Return of the Star Wars Franchise – Possibly the biggest moment of 2015 in film will be the return of the biggest franchise in film! Star Wars returns in the capable hands of JJ Abrahams (successfully rebooted the Star Trek franchise previously) who has the task of bettering the underwhelming prequel trilogy of films. Starring many of the original cast (Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher) as well as a newer generation of acting talent (John Boyega, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac) not much is known about the film or its premise, however the hype surrounding the film and the franchise will be sure to make it one of the most talked about moments in film in 2015!!!

Spectre – Daniel Craig returns to the role of James Bond this year in the eagerly anticipated Spectre, which sees Christoph Waltz playing whats rumoured to be the infamous Bond Villain Blofeld. The Daniel Craig Bond films have been a large success both critically and comercially (except maybe Quantum of Solace…), with the last film, Skyfall, being the highest grossing film ever in the UK. With Sam Mendes returning at the helm to direct this is sure to be a highpoint of 2015 in film.

New Tarantino Film – This year also sees the return of possibly the greatest directors in the world, the great Quentin Tarantino!!  Tarantino assembles an interesting cast of old favourites (Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Samuel L. Jackson),as well as newcomers (Channing Tatum), in his latest Western, based around a group of bounty hunters involved in a plot of deception and betrayal during a blizzard in Wyoming. The only question is whether it will reach the high standards his previous western, Django Unchained, did???


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